What about the gender affirmation?

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What about the gender affirmation?

#1 Příspěvekod endamarrie » 19 led 2023, 17:26

1. Gender affirmation has been gaining more attention in the last few years.
2. Some people see it as a way to reduce discrimination and promote acceptance.
3. There are different ways to affirm gender, and each person should find what works best for them.
4. Some people feel that gender affirmation is more important than ever, given current events.
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Re: What about the gender affirmation?

#2 Příspěvekod maxmarrie » 25 led 2023, 17:56

Gender affirmation is the process through which a person receives societal recognition and support for their gender identity and expression. Social affirmation, medical affirmation like surgical procedures and legal affirmation are all forms of gender affirmation. Every trans person's definition of gender affirmation is different and depends on what is accessible and available, what feels safe to do, and what is personally affirming. I've recently learned about gender affirming voice training: https://facialteam.eu/blog/vocal-health-tips-gender-affirming- voice-jordan-ross-jakomin/ and how that's helped me with some of the breathiness I've had.

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