WotLK Classic Dungeon Guide

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WotLK Classic Dungeon Guide

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In the heart of Dalaran lies the magical prison of Kenretto: the Violet Prison. A variety of dangerous prison birds are waiting for you from level 75 in a 5-player copy of WoW WotLK Classic, which you should relieve of life and loot! We have perfected the Violet Prison Guide in WotLK Classic for you.

Located in the heart of the magical city of Dalaran, The Violet Hold dungeon in WoW WotLK Classic gold invites level 75 heroes to a magical prison break. Up to 7 bosses await you in the copy, but you can only fight 4 of them at the same time - surprise! To start the events of this instance, talk to Lieutenant Sinclari, who will now seal the Violet Prison door from the outside. At the same time, your team must ensure that the replica's opponents do not break the seal. You can monitor the status of the barrier using the percentage indicator at the top of the interface. Similar to the Black Morass instance, teleporters open through which different types of enemies can spawn.

Portal Guardian: Attacks with melee attacks. He occasionally summons wizards with around 10,000 life, which are killed by the player.
Portal Guardians: Warlocks attack with a barrage of Arcane Arrows and Ice Arrows. Occasionally summons a helper with around 10,000 health and is killed by the player.
Groups of 3-4 enemies: kill the caster before dealing with the melee fighters.
A saboteur appears from the sixth and twelfth portals. This will open a random cell and unleash one of the six possible bosses! The final leader of the side quest, the female dragon Cyanigosa, emerges from the 18th and final portal.

Erekem, the ravenous shaman, will lunge at you along with two other companions. Kill one of his guards before you take him out yourself. Finally, the second guard gets the message. If the second companion dies before Erekem, the boss will significantly increase its damage. The enemies also use the bloodlust to take advantage of each other. However, since it is a magical effect, you can remove it.

The Ravenous Trio will approach you in heroic mode, just like in normal mode. Kill a guard before Erekem goes bankrupt. Finally, eliminate the last guard. If two guards die before Erekem goes down, he'll do significantly more damage.

The water elemental Ekron primarily attacks with frost attacks. His protective bubble protects him from attacks. After 35 successful attacks, the bubble bursts and several small secretion balls form. They try to get in touch with their boss as soon as possible. When the secretion orbs die, the Ichovon loses life points - so destroy as many of them as you can. While the elemental is active, the boss itself is immune to all damage. When he reaches 20% of his life, he goes berserk and you have to hunt him down quickly.

Ichoron's combat principles do not change in Heroic mode. However, be aware that small water elementals will also burst and knock you back when you die. Therefore, adjust your position so that you are not thrown too far away from the other elementals.

Lavanthor is a large core hound that can deal a lot of fire damage. Your tank will let him back into the group so only himself gets hit by Lavanthor's Flame Spit.

It is better to finish the fight with Lavanthor in heroic mode as soon as possible, because over time his fire gets very hot - and deals a lot of damage. Occasionally he burns random players with lava, leaving raging flames behind - so get out.

Morag is a demon that deals increasing damage over time. Morag constantly lowers your tank's armor and keeps your healers busy. In addition, individual party members are repeatedly damaged by the deadly rays and need to be healed.

Morag is just as heroic as usual, only he has more health. Heal the tank and victims of the ray very well and destroy the boss as quickly as possible. Check more at https://www.wowwotlkgold.com

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